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Submitted on: Oct 29, 2019 at 11:15 PM
Race and Class
Orc Warlock



GMT +1 Stockholm

Please introduce yourself. We would like to know more about your background and experience in WoW, especially vanilla WoW (private servers included)

Started as a young boy in vanilla where I rolled a druid as a main and later a warrior as a alt for PvP.
Played WoW basically all time not in school and got burned out around the time BC was coming out. So made my warrior my main and tanked for a casual guild where I met Bulowango.
Then after some time in BC I again went back to playing druid and untill a bit in to Cataclysm I focused mainly on PvP and managed to get the Gladiator title.

Then after some time of playing other games I joiined Bulo and created a char on Kronos 2 where I played a little bit with people from Immortals.

How much time will you be able to invest/play and raiding. In a vanilla guild this often means long commitment while waiting for all the content to be released and cleared. How do you feel about having to do same old raids over and over again?

I started studies again recently so will have a decent amount of time available, and can be quite flexible.
However if there's an exam period I'll have to focus on the exams, but this will happen 3 more times before summer 2020. So not the biggest of game changers.

Please link a screenshot of your raiding UI with the applied class (you can use Make sure that your keybinds and addons are set up, as we are very interested in inspecting them. Usually switch keybinds and stuff around a bit depending on what I do.

Which specc will you be using with lvl 60 (Use
Do you have a problem with any of the requirements written above(summoner, one fixed profession etc.)?


What will you choose as second profession?

As it is right now, I'm using tailoring mainly for the Robe of the Void, and will use tailoring when ZG comes out.

Would you be willing to adjust your specc for the benefit of the raid?

Don't see why not, currently using my spec since it's better than DS/ruin outside raids (in my opinion)

There will be specific raidaddons that every raider will have to install, are you ok with that?


We require all our Raiders to use Discord during raids and for out-of-game chat/announcements/world boss alerts. We expect everyone to have it configured. Are you fine with that? here is the link to our guilds Discord and pls post post your discord tag so we can contact you if needed

I'm the master of configuring my discord settings.

Is there someone currently in the guild that could or would vouch for you?

Depends on if I sucked or not during the 2 raids I was in.

Favourite Vanilla encounter(not mandatory)

Gnome mages with pink hair

What are your goals and expectations from the guild or the game?

Generally just want to do raids, farm stuff like reputations/gold/etc, and have fun.
Originally had a great master plan with Bulo, but it'll have to wait untill 2021 when he finally dings 60.

Why do you think you would be a bigger asset to the guild over someone else?

I can press Shadow Bolt harder than any living person.

Anything you would like us to know, for example a day you can not play at all weekly(not mandatory)?

Don't really have much else to do at the moment... so World of Warcraft it is.



Hello and thank your for your application. Please message me in game or on Discord for a chat.
Accepted as Trial.
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