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Submitted on: Oct 02, 2019 at 05:29 PM
Race and Class
Orc Shaman




Please introduce yourself. We would like to know more about your background and experience in WoW, especially vanilla WoW (private servers included)

HI, I started playing wow in 2007 towards the end of TBC. From the beginning and during WOTLK my only focus was PVP. In Cata I joined a semi-hardcore raiding guild, cleared all heroic raids while they were relevant content and achieved the my highest arena rating in season 11. I didn't play much after Cata, always coming back for a few weeks at the start of every new expansion but didn't enjoy the way the game was changing.

Having not played on private servers I don't have any previous vanilla experience but I am a fast learner and am good at following instructions. I enjoying learning everything I can about the nuances of the game, min/maxxing and constantly improving.

How much time will you be able to invest/play and raiding. In a vanilla guild this often means long commitment while waiting for all the content to be released and cleared. How do you feel about having to do same old raids over and over again?

I am recovering from a knee injury so for the next several weeks I have unlimited time to invest in the game.

After I go back to work, around 5 hours a day on weekdays and more on weekends.

Clearing the same raids every week and improving on them is a part of the game I enjoy. I'm very interested in potential speedrunning where everyone has sapper charges etc. It would be a lot of fun.

Please link a screenshot of your raiding UI with the applied class (you can use Make sure that your keybinds and addons are set up, as we are very interested in inspecting them.
Which specc will you be using with lvl 60 (Use

I alternate between Deep Resto ( and EleResto depending on content.

Do you have a problem with any of the requirements written above(summoner, one fixed profession etc.)?


What will you choose as second profession?

I have Alchemy/Herbalism. I will be dropping Herbalism for Engineering within the next couple days.

Would you be willing to adjust your specc for the benefit of the raid?

Yes of course.

There will be specific raidaddons that every raider will have to install, are you ok with that?


We require all our Raiders to use Discord during raids and for out-of-game chat/announcements/world boss alerts. We expect everyone to have it configured. Are you fine with that? here is the link to our guilds Discord and pls post post your discord tag so we can contact you if needed

Yep! Yarpa#0039

Is there someone currently in the guild that could or would vouch for you?

My former guildmates Aveen and Tanja. I was also a pug in your week 2 MC clear.

Favourite Vanilla encounter(not mandatory)

So far Garr, it's funny watching melee who mess up go flying across the room.

What are your goals and expectations from the guild or the game?

My goal is to experience all the content in the game and have fun while doing it!

Why do you think you would be a bigger asset to the guild over someone else?

I am a team player. I like contributing to the guild, helping others out, and making progress not only myself but as a group.

I accept responsibility for my own mistakes and learn from them, not putting the blame on others.

I always come prepared and on time to raids and guild events.

Anything you would like us to know, for example a day you can not play at all weekly(not mandatory)?

That should just about cover it. I hope to you hear from you soon!


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Accepted as Trial. Welcome to Senseless. Contact any officer in game for an invite.
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