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Submitted on: Sep 10, 2019 at 02:48 PM
Race and Class
Orc Warrior



Eastern European/GMT+3

Please introduce yourself. We would like to know more about your background and experience in WoW, especially vanilla WoW (private servers included)

Hello. My name is Tsvetan I am 31 years old and I am from Bulgaria.
I used to play vanilla back in the days as an orc warrior was raiding MC, Onyxia and ZG as fury.Stopped playing after TBC.
I have played in a few private servers including (Kronos,Lightshope and Northdale)
I have raiding experience in (MC,Onyxia,ZG,BWL,AQ20 and AQ40).
Was mage class leader in the Northdale horde guild "Spire"
Also i have had the fun experience at scouting world bosses and fighting alliance raids in world pvp for the bosses.

How much time will you be able to invest/play and raiding. In a vanilla guild this often means long commitment while waiting for all the content to be released and cleared. How do you feel about having to do same old raids over and over again?

I love it! Doing the same content over and over again every next time trying ti improve something you missed last time and trying not to repeat some mistakes done the last raid. At the moment i have dedicated myself entirely to wow classic and this will stay that way for the next 1-2 years. I am up for the pre-raid biss grind for me and my raiding

Please link a screenshot of your raiding UI with the applied class (you can use Make sure that your keybinds and addons are set up, as we are very interested in inspecting them.
Which specc will you be using with lvl 60 (Use
Do you have a problem with any of the requirements written above(summoner, one fixed profession etc.)?

Not at all was planning to get Gnomish and then reset to goblin

What will you choose as second profession?

Most likely Herbalism in order to be able to farm Flask of the Titans

Would you be willing to adjust your specc for the benefit of the raid?


There will be specific raidaddons that every raider will have to install, are you ok with that?


We require all our Raiders to use Discord during raids and for out-of-game chat/announcements/world boss alerts. We expect everyone to have it configured. Are you fine with that? here is the link to our guilds Discord and pls post post your discord tag so we can contact you if needed

Yes I'm cool with that here is my Discord: Buliwyf #4165

Is there someone currently in the guild that could or would vouch for you?

I beleave Loganita could do that tho i have not talked to him about that yet

Favourite Vanilla encounter(not mandatory)


What are your goals and expectations from the guild or the game?

I would like to experience vanilla the way i have previously not this includes: Clearing the entire pve content all along the world posses and world pvp and getting rank 14 in pvp for both my entertainment and the guild progress in raids.

Why do you think you would be a bigger asset to the guild over someone else?

I am extremely dedicated in to the game and improving with each day. I just love no matter how much things you know in vanilla you keep learning more and more. My experience will help with the guild as well, but most importantly it is my loyalty. There was many scenarios where people join a guild get a BIS raid item and leave guild to join some friends do pvp or just join a better guild. I rely hate this when you join a guild that helps you play the game and enjoy it you should rely feel grateful because this involves so much hard work from the entire guild even more so from the officers and the guild master.

Anything you would like us to know, for example a day you can not play at all weekly(not mandatory)?


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well done application, welcome to senseless. accepted as trial
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