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Submitted on: Aug 10, 2019 at 11:14 AM
Race and Class



The Netherlands

Please introduce yourself. We would like to know more about your background and experience in WoW, especially vanilla WoW (private servers included)

I've played WoW since EU release day up till about warlords expansion. Started missing vanilla long before that though. Once I found out about Nostalrius in 2016 I was incredibly happy to be able to play vanilla again on a decent server. I leveled a warrior there to 60 and about 2 weeks later it got shut down (RIP sweet prince).
Ofc my vanilla addiction was far from satisfied so I started playing a hunter on kronos 1 and later a shaman kronos 2. I did not invest too much time into these chars since I was anxious about these servers getting shut down too.
When K3 was launched Kronos had been stable and online for so long that I had a lot of faith in them and decided I would go full out on my char. After I hit 60 I joined carnage and I raided with them until halfway naxx progress.(a little over a year in total).

How much time will you be able to invest/play and raiding. In a vanilla guild this often means long commitment while waiting for all the content to be released and cleared. How do you feel about having to do same old raids over and over again?

IRL i'm a 30 year old accountant from the Netherlands. I have quite some IRL commitments that - to be perfectly honest - will have an impact on availability for raiding at times. This has been the case too in the last year, where there were weeks were I could not make all the raids.
That being said I am planning to play a LOT and I've taken some weeks off to get a quick 60 and start raiding. I really like the people in this guild and I've enjoyed raiding with you all very much. Therefore I wouldn't want to raid with another guild. I can also understand if leadership is hesitant about accepting me when I won't always be able to make all the raids. In this case perhaps a spot with reduced loot prio or in the worst case, as a social would be fine.
As for class choice, I'm 80% sure I'll go Mage, the other 15% is Rogue or 5% chance Hunter. I loved playing Warriors, but it's time for something new and a Mage is just so lolstronk and convenient in vanilla.

Please link a screenshot of your raiding UI with the applied class (you can use Make sure that your keybinds and addons are set up, as we are very interested in inspecting them.
Which specc will you be using with lvl 60 (Use
Do you have a problem with any of the requirements written above(summoner, one fixed profession etc.)?


What will you choose as second profession?

Tailoring for the robe. Will probably switch it up to herb later on, I liked herbing for consumes on k3.

Would you be willing to adjust your specc for the benefit of the raid?


There will be specific raidaddons that every raider will have to install, are you ok with that?


We require all our Raiders to use Discord during raids and for out-of-game chat/announcements/world boss alerts. We expect everyone to have it configured. Are you fine with that? here is the link to our guilds Discord and pls post post your discord tag so we can contact you if needed

Yes and I'm already part of the discord

Is there someone currently in the guild that could or would vouch for you?

I hope so lol

Favourite Vanilla encounter(not mandatory)

C'thun by far. Also because of fond memories in Vanilla (spent 3 weeks raiding every evening 18:30to 23:30 to finally kill him).

What are your goals and expectations from the guild or the game?

I enjoy raiding with the people in this guild and so I expect to raid weekly with these guys and make some friends along the way. Besides that I'm very competitive in nature and I want to be better than the other guilds on the server.
I also hope we as a guild can make the alliance fear us and make the other horde players respect us.

Why do you think you would be a bigger asset to the guild over someone else?

Because of knowledge of the game and I won't lose interest in Vanilla easily. I've been playing vanilla the last 3 years now and I sure as fuck am not bored with it. I also want to keep playing with the people from Carnage. Therefore investments in me won't be lost by quitting/joining another guild.
Other than that I'm willing to sacrifice my own gains for the gains of the guild, be it DPS loss or passing over loot. I won't ever make drama about loot. The fact that I gave Mamba back the Drake Fang Talisman I ninja looted through masterlooter with shift+loot attests to this (lol).
Finally I think i'm mechanically pretty good at the game aka not dying to random shit, not overaggroeing and I come prepared to raids with worldbuffs/consumables.

Anything you would like us to know, for example a day you can not play at all weekly(not mandatory)?

Wouldn't be able to raid on fridayevenings and sundaymornings due to sports commitment(Rugby).


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welcome to senseless banks, pls update me when u have decided on your class, jfyi hunter would be needed the most. Also after lvling is done pls pm me so we can work on your UI setup cause there is lots of room to improve.
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